Thursday, October 23, 2008



Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Seronok berhari-raya di rumah atuk karim & nenek sarah di jalan makan cokolat dr lembaga koko !! 


sudah larut malam,
mata mahu pejam.

oh disertasi
yang sensasi
kalau mahu graduasi
jangan ikut nafsu-nafsi

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Raya 2008/The Cucus - Part 2

Iman Soraya yang cantik jelita..
Aqif Farhan yang 'multi-talented'..
Airil Luqman yang murah senyuman..
Missing in action - sya & had !

Raya 2008/The Cucus Part 1

Shaikh Izz Zubair yang sungguh comel..
Shaikh Ahmad Firzan yang gagah perkasa..
Nur Irdina Zahirah yang montel & celoteh dan Shaikh Irfan Zikry yang tampan..
Aryssa Fateha yang anggun & sopan-santun..
Ariff Farhad yang hensem (terutama bila menangis wewe..hihi..)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Modern rubber-tapper armed with screwdriver, 12 feet wild boar killed

Concerned with rural proverty, an anaesthesiologist accompanied by a biomedical engineer ventured into modern rubber tapping using a screwdiver (pic). The yield from this ground breaking technique is postulated to be far superior from archaic albeit proven ways of conventional rubber tapping.

However, their ground-breaking cutting edge adventure was terminated abruptly by the scurrying presence of 5 wild boars trying to escape meat-eating Indian hunters and their 2 bitches. Armed with laser-pointed semi-automatic hunting rifle, the serene tranquility of the deep forest of Beranang was shattered by 4 thunderous shots that left 3 boars squeeling for life.

4 escaped into safety i.e oblivion ( 2 boars, the anaesthesiologist & the biomed engineer)

Moral of story: Do not always believe what you read on printed news. 3 x 4 feet each = 12 feets.