Sunday, April 24, 2011

25 Ways to Have Fun Outdoors


I came across this site while searching for ideas for outdoor activities for my school. I missed my childhood years. I'm just sharing with you guys just in case you're out of ideas what to do with your little ones. :)

Head to the coast for a rockpool treasure hunt and a spot of beachcombing.

Climb a tree.

Throw a frisbee.

Spend time together on an evening family walk or ride.

Fill a tub or a paddle pool for some water play.

Paint a fence or a window.

Head to a National Park for a bushwalk.

Grab a magnifying glass and hunt for bugs!

Swing your hips in a hula hoop.

Get busy in the garden and pull some weeds or plant some vegetables.

Play a game of chasey or hide and seek.

Try catching dinner with a spot of fishing.

Draw a hopscotch grid with chalk on the pavement and get jumping.

Scramble up a hill. And roll back down again.

Bounce on a space hopper, pogo stick or trampoline.

Build a blanket cubby house and ‘camp’ at home.

Throw or kick a ball around.

Set up an obstacle course in your back yard.

Pop on some gumboots and jump in puddles.

Head to the park and fly up high on a swing. Adults too.

Have a game of marbles.

Take your percussion instruments outdoors and have a sing along. Or form a marching band.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friday, April 1, 2011

HAppy Birthday Izzzz

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