Thursday, December 24, 2009

More of Hong Kong

Makan.. understandably very difficult. Of course there are Pakistani restaurants but we feel safer eating mee maggi !!
Hmm... kat sini dia ada mall !!
Ahmad.. Ahmad....merajuk pasal apa entah...

Hong Kong banyak high rised buildings...

Another option makan udang di Bubba Gump !! Yes !!

Hong Kong - Day Three

hari ke-3 kami berjalan2 di HK Island..
Hari ni dimulakan dengan naik subway dari Kowloon ke HK Island, kemudian naik tram ke Victoria's peak (macam Bukit Bendera but very commercialised) then naik ferry balik ke Kowloon...

Kelakar ke..hahaha..

Atas Victoria's peak. Unfortunately very misty, so tak dapat tengok view yang supposedly very cantik...

At Ocean Terminal - one of the largest shopping complex.

Hong Kong - Day Two

The whole of our 2nd day was spent in Disneyland. Tapi still tak sempat nak naik all rides & watch all shows Orang ramai !! Kenal tak Woody and Jessy ? From "Toy Story'..
Space Mountain was the scariest ride here. Rides yang lain tak mencabar pun... hehe..

Chip n Dale and other Disney characters banyaklah berkeliaran sana sini. Tapi nak ambik gambar queue semua panjang2. SO kitorang curik2 aje ambik gambar cam nie...

This is our hotel in Disneyland itself. Nice kan ?? :)

The garden view of our hotel. Cantik !

Our trip to Hong Kong - Day One

We went to HK from 13/12-09 - 16/12/09. A very short break, coz we can't afford to leave the office for longer !! ANyway we tried to jam pack lots of activities for the kids (and us too).. Upon arrival at HK & after check in we immediately proceeded to HK Disneyland to catch the fire-works show. Gambar ni taken dekat ikan paus waterfall with mickey mouse surf-boarding on top of it. cantik malam2 dengan lampu2 semua...
This was taken at HK airport..

The entrance of HK Disneyland..

The Disney castle well lit up during the night.

Yes, berbaloi beli leather jacket di Turkey hari tu !! hehe

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Spongebob Squarepant Spotted

Would the real owner of spongebob please stand up?

Friday, December 4, 2009

Penang Escapade

Batu Feringghi is really beautiful mashaAllah. But the tide was pretty rough there. So we didn't berkubang lama.

This is at the top of Penang Hill. I loved it up there . Cool , Beautiful scenery. :D

The monkey understands and took his transit on top of the hill.

Drove up to Kampung Nelayan. Again, nice scenery. Nice weather, one of us really enjoyed sun bathing. :D

What we've been up to (2)

Out in the wilderness!

Mak Ude and Uncle Bilal went to Zoo Negara last two weeks. It was an interesting visit because this is Uncle Bilal's first encounter with a crocodile. Well, at least from a 100m distance.

And the very first meeting with a tapir/tenuk/cipan! Kesian kan?

A week after, Mak Ude insisted on going to Bt Cerakah to bring Aqif, Iman, Irfan and Dina . But it turned out , Mak Long's presence was also required because Ahmad and Izz also wanted to follow. So, we had some fun there, riding the bus ,visiting the almost dilapidated park...hihi
Our first stop was Taman Cendawan. This is the only cendawan we came across. Iman beria nak pakai tudung!
This was a tower which was supposed to overlook the garden on the opposite side I think. Luckily they didn't climb to the top because the construction of the stairs wasn't really wise...Have a nice holiday everyone! :D